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    What a wonderful company! | have been struggling to get my website up and going, and they made the process so simple. They really walked me through each step with ease and Patience. Marketing Is so important in any business, and they knew just the right steps to take. Their website is easy to use, which is always helpful. Overall, | am so happy with their services. | feet like they helped me get my business ready for the new year!

    mr. Calt w.

    Can't recommend CoLab Marketing highly enough! I've been working with Sid on creating more exposure for my catering business and they have so many creative out of the boxideas, Jean't keep up and | want to do all of them! Some they have implemented, and some of the Ideas are ways | can improve my online presence on my own that don’t cost anything. They explain stuff so It’s easy to understand, they have great follow through and super fun to work with.

    ms. Amy J.

    Sid was very knowledgeable about internet /social media landscape and helped me make some decisions about my company I otherwise wouldn`t have. I highly recommend Sid and his team to anyone looking to build their business via the internet /social media

    Mr. Dwight E.

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      What Is Live Stream Marketing And Why Is It A Brand Favorite For Innovative Marketing?
      Once merely a socializing tool for friends and family, social media has vastly increased in its form and usage especially since the pandemic. With lockdowns and quarantines becoming the new normal, at-home consumers grew in number, making online marketing a key element for brands. Although online marketing is done in a number of ways, live stream marketing has been a customer-seller favorite. The live stream sector has seen some massive growth over the years, with both audience and brands highly depending on it for their sales/purchases. A live video strategy engages viewers in ways that other social media formats cannot: it is immediate and authentic. It no longer requires marketers and retailers to rely on boring texts and images to keep their audience engaged in selling their products. What Is Live Streaming? A bit like live TV, live streaming allows users to watch, create and share videos in real time. The best way to live stream is via various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and the like. Unlike pre-recorded videos, social media live streaming is just that, live and uncensored. Benefits Of Live Stream Marketing Now that you know what live stream marketing entails, let’s have a look at some of its key benefits in digital marketing: One stream, multiple customers. More affordable. Gives brands more creative freedom. Generates new leads. Zero geographical constraints. Sets a goal to connect with a larger number of audiences. Less costly endeavor for both consumers and sellers. More affordable marketing tool than standard ad marketing on social media. Engage with the audience in different ways like live chats, Q and A sessions, etc. Brands can partner with companies and influencers who expand their reach to audiences globally. It’s fun! It adds a playful and interactive touch to digital marketing. Live Streaming Statistics 2022-23 Not sold yet? Let’s talk numbers! According to Grand View Research, the live stream marketing industry is expected to be worth $184.3 billion by the year 2027. Research also suggests that 85% of consumers look forward to viewing more live videos from brands for their purchases. Representing a massive growth of 99%, the live stream industry has changed drastically between April 2019 and April 2020. More and more people have started to watch live videos online than they did a year ago, making the percentage reach an all-time high of 47%. Showing a significant rise in numbers from 2017, 35% marketers have started using live videos. While 63% of them are planning to use live streaming for their future marketing ventures. 74% of millennials find live streaming of products by brands to be a lot more helpful while comparison shopping. 40% of buyers believe that selling a product on live videos increases their chance of purchasing one while shopping online. With lives getting busier bit by bit, who has time to read that never ending product description, right? 80% of consumers find it a lot easier to watch what a product can do in real time. FAQs About Live Stream Marketing What Is The Best Platform For Live Streaming? With the exception of a few applications, almost every social media platform offers live broadcast options. Since free platforms like Facebook and YouTube have high discoverability, they are ideal for gathering a large audience. How Do I Live Stream? This depends on the kind of social media streaming services you’re using, with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, being the simplest to use. For starters: Connect all your audio and video sources to your streaming device. Pick your streaming destination. (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Instagram, etc.) Make sure your internet connection is stable. Stream away! What Is The Best Time To Go Live On Social Media Platforms? Timing is everything when it comes to live stream marketing. If you want to target your audience, along with choosing the right streaming destination you need to consider what time would you have the highest number of audience watching you stream live. For Example: Facebook – 1 pm to 3 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Instagram – Monday through Friday at 12 pm or from 7 pm to 9 pm. TikTok – From 6 am to 10 am, 7 pm to 11 pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. LinkedIn – Before work from 7 am to 9 am and after or end of work hours from 5 to 6 pm. Twitter – Mondays and Thursdays from 1 pm to 4 pm. YouTube – Weekdays from 12 pm to 2 pm. Twitch – All days from 12 am to 9 am. The Final Word Considering the numerous ways live streaming affects consumers and marketers alike, and how marketers can reach and engage their audiences more freely through social media, the future of digital marketing surely lies with live stream marketing. As the primary domain of sharing information and content, social media is certain to rule the marketing industry for years to come.


      YouTube Disables Hidden Subscriber Count To Fight Creator Impersonations
      YouTube has officially prevented channels from hiding the number of subscribers they have in order to help fight creator impersonation across the platform. Spammers can impersonate other channels when leaving comments by hiding their subscriber count. Seeing a low subscriber count can be a dead giveaway that someone posing as another creator isn’t who they claim to be. Comment spam and identity-related abuse are problematic for many people on YouTube today. In response, YouTube is implementing updates to help protect viewers and creators from comment spam while making it harder to impersonate creators. The updates include: Disabling hidden subscriber counts Strengthening auto-moderation capabilities Limiting the use of special characters in channel names Here’s more details about each of these updates. Hidden Subscriber Counts Historically, channels on YouTube have been able to hide the number of subscribers they have. Some creators find this feature valuable, such as those who are starting and don’t want to be dismissed by their subscriber count. However, according to YouTube, this feature is often used to impersonate channels. Following an update rolling out at the end of July, channels will no longer be able to hide their subscriber counts on YouTube. YouTube claims this decision will make the community safer, though it’s sure to upset creators who weren’t abusing the option to hide subscribers. Stricter Comment Moderation YouTube currently allows channels to automatically hold comments for moderation before they go live for all to see. A new update to YouTube’s auto-moderation will give creators the option to increase the strictness. Making comment moderation stricter will increase detection settings for potentially inappropriate comments and spam. You can increase the strictness by signing into Creator Studio and selecting ‘Settings.’ Then select Community, then Defaults. Check the box labeled ‘hold potentially inappropriate comments for review,’ then select ‘increase strictness.’ When this new setting is turned on, more spam and solicitations will automatically filter under the ‘held for review’ tab. From there, channels can either delete the comment or post it publicly. Limiting Special Characters Using special characters in channel names is another way that phonies can impersonate established channels. To mitigate impersonation attempts, YouTube is reducing the character set creators can choose from when updating their name moving forward. Existing names with special characters can stay in place, however.


      Everything You Need to Know About CMS
      In the digital realm, there are a ton of acronyms to keep up with. From SEO and SERP, to CDN and CMS, it may seem like you need a degree in internet technology to understand what they all mean. That’s why we at CO/LAB Marketing want to make it easier for you to stay in the loop with the relevant lingo that can greatly impact your business efforts. If you are unfamiliar with CMS (content management systems), then continue reading to learn more this must-have software application: What is a CMS? A content management system, often referred to as CMS, is a software application that allows users to build, modify, and manage a website without having to do the hard work from scratch. If you are not an expert with specialized technical knowledge, this is the perfect tool for you to use! A content management system eliminates the need for you to know how to code, and handles all the infrastructure requirements, so you can then devote all your efforts to the more forward-facing parts of your website. Some popular examples of CMS include WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and Magento. How a CMS Works? In order to fully comprehend how a CMS works, you would first have to know what it’s like to build a website from the ground up. Traditionally, you would start with HTML to create media such as images, text, navigation bars, and other building blocks for a website. Then, the next step would be to add CSS to customize those elements to fit the ideal design of your brand. Since you have to do all of this coding work by hand, it becomes quite challenging to make edits to certain pages without needing to revise all of it for accuracy. This allows the potential for broken links and errors to occur if you are not careful or well-versed in the coding world. Instead of beginning with a blank HTML page, you can use a CMS to open up a content editor and add the media elements you desire by dragging and dropping content with the click of a few buttons. In simple terms, a content management system can do all the nitty-gritty for you. A CMS is made up of two core parts: a content management application (CMA), and a content delivery application (CDA). A CMA allows you to add content on your site, whereas a CDA stores the content properly and makes it visible to web users. Together, these applications provide all the coding capabilities, database queries, and infrastructure for your site. What Are the Benefits of A CMS? CMS systems have revolutionized web design to the point where you no longer need to hire web developers to build the online presence for your brand. Aside from the simplicity of the web design features mentioned above, a CMS offers a ton of other benefits. One being the ability to allow multiple users to easily collaborate on the work at the same time. No matter what part of the website you are tackling, various people can get work done simultaneously. Overall, this boosts productivity across the team with no restrictions or limitations. You can also utilize settings such as user roles and permissions so that team members can only access the part of the system that they are responsible for. This will eliminate the possibility of users accidentally affecting other areas of the site that they are unfamiliar with. Content management systems also include built-in features that help with SEO strategy and security. These tools can optimize your site for search engines by customizing page titles and meta descriptions, adding image alt text, including breadcrumb navigation, and improving page load times. When it comes to added security, these features can provide a 24/7 security team, web application firewalls, and more. A few other benefits of a CMS include blogging features, content scheduling, and pre-designed templates. If you are considering taking on the responsibility of building or managing your web development and design, you can turn to a CMS for much-needed support and easy access to turn your ideas into a reality with ease.

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