What Is Live Stream Marketing And Why Is It A Brand Favorite For Innovative Marketing?
Once merely a socializing tool for friends and family, social media has vastly increased in its form and usage especially since the pandemic. With lockdowns and quarantines becoming the new normal, at-home consumers grew in number, making online marketing a key element for brands. Although online marketing is done in a number of ways, live […]

Understanding YouTube Ad Targeting in 2022
You may already be familiar with running ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but have you ever considered running a video ad campaign on YouTube? Running a series of YouTube Ads is a great way to get your video content in front of your ideal audience. With new formats and tracking capabilities, […]

A Beginner’s Guide: TikTok Marketing in 2022
Did you know that TikTok was the most-visited website in the world in 2021? This new and upcoming entertainment platform has taken the world by storm, and has an estimated 1 billion monthly active users in the United States. Now is the perfect time to start marketing your business on TikTok by creating original and […]

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